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    Fourth, the enormous investment in accessible medicines and medical products without investment in checking their quality is profoundly illogical. WHO estimates that only 7% of sub-Saharan countries had a “moderately functioning MRA”. We cannot expect the world\'s medicine supply to improve without coordinated functional MRAs. They are essential for the interventions needed, and to ensure that the benefits of increased accessibility to free or inexpensive internationally financed medicines and inexpensive generics are translated effectively into improved public health. The Access to Medicines movement has been very important in improving access to essential medicines; however, much more emphasis is needed now on access to good quality medicines. PN and NW are supported by . FMF would like to thank the NSF MRI and the for the use of equipment acquired under these projects, and the GT School of Chemistry and Biochemistry for a Vasser-Wooley faculty fellowship that provided resources for this cyproheptadine hcl Supplier work . PD and MJC were supported by the ACT Consortium via an award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. PT was supported by the Institut de Recherche sur l\'Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine (IRASEC) through cyproheptadine hcl Supplier funding from the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (FSP Mekong Project). We are extremely grateful to the US Food and Drug Administration and to Nicola Ranieri for lending a CD-3 device and for all their assistance. We thank David Hawksworth and Patricia Wiltshire for the identification of fungal spores, Mayfong Mayxay for “NATO”, and Johnson & Johnson Companies and Novartis International AG for their assistance. We declare no competing interests.
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